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MNJ,Real Rose Leaf Ring,Sterling Silver rings for women, Plant ring,Wide band ri

MNJ,Real Rose Leaf Ring,Sterling Silver rings for women, Plant ring,Wide band ri

You can write me if you want this ring adjustable or fixed at your size  (US, UK, European) . 
CODE: RR 3119, RRG 3139, RRb 3139
These Real Wild Rose Leaf Ring made of sterling recycled silver.
This unique piece of art have been made by Real Rose Leaf and every delicate vein can be seen.
Roses are ancient symbols of Love and Beauty .
100% Designed by Nature

The Rose Leaf is Aprox. 15mm ( ο.58 Inches) Width

This Ring are polished to a shiny Silver Gold Or Rhodium finish. I put a tarnish-resistant varnish that keep them shiny for many years ( maybe for ever – depend of the use ) .

An ideal gift for women , Men and children who love Nature and fresh, unusual Jewelry.
All items arrive gift boxed!
Here you will find handmade Jewelry using a rare and difficult technique in recycled sterling silver . All jewelry are in molds made of real flowers and plants.
Here the artist is nature itself, I just do the transforming it into a wearable piece of jewelry.
I aim to make those who wear my creations feel beautiful and unique, and those who see them feel joy. I want to show that the best jewel is nature itself. Nature makes you feel beautiful .

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For wholesales visit or contact us on . I tend to have one distributing store, exclusive to each area.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, and thanks for looking!

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